Jamsquad Helping HCAA Clients with Free Bikes

Shout out to our friends at JamSquad!

Aimee B. is a participant in HCAA’s Mental Health Diversion Program: a program helping people who struggle with mental health and subsequent legal issues, get the treatment and resource support they need to get back on track to stay mentally healthy and out of trouble.

Aimee needed a bike to get back and forth to work. It also supports her physical and mental health goals. HCAA reached out to Jamsquad who was more than willing to assist Aimee in getting exactly the bike best suited her- a cruiser that fit her petite 5′ stature. They also included with it a matching basket, seat, rear carryon bag, and even dropped it off at HCAA for her to pick up.

Aimee is just one of at least 5 participants in mental health and drug court that have received a free bike through Jamsquad. They are a fantastic partner in our community!