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As Harford County’s designated Community Action Agency, the HCAA’s mission is to help all Harford County individuals and families who are experiencing financial hardships in meeting their housing, food, energy/heating, and/or budget and family counseling needs. We support and encourage them on their path to self-sufficiency.

We accomplish this purpose through a diverse offering of programs and services. Current programs include:

We also partner with many organizations to provide additional services such as workforce preparation and development, pre-GED classes, and financial management classes.

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HCAA After-Hours Freezing Weather Plan of Harford County

For the past year or so, Harford Community Action Agency (HCAA) has been a part of a host of meetings and subsequent discussions regarding vulnerable households needing emergency assistance when the Freezing Weather Plan of Harford County is implemented. More specifically, providing a layer of assistance for vulnerable households identified after-hours during the work week or on weekends has been an ongoing topic of discussion and a strong area of concern from community professionals and advocates.

HCAA is pleased to share to the Continuum Of Care that selected law enforcement agencies and departments of Harford County have been provided an after-hours plan and number to call. A piloted effort took place the weekend of January 14th, 2022 and this after-hours option allowed local law enforcement personnel to place any households engaged thought to be living in their personal vehicle or in a place not meant for habitation i.e. tent encampment or just aimlessly wandering in the middle of the night with no identified stable destination; into an available hotel. The observational abilities of local law enforcement in these circumstances can and will prompt the need for a temporary alternative placement until the inclement weather event has concluded.

During each Freezing Weather Plan of Harford County, HCAA will provide an on-call staff to receive all calls from local law enforcement personnel ONLY and based upon those conversations, a motel placement will be confirmed and provided to that household. If transportation can be provided to the identified hotel destination by the responding law enforcement personnel that would be preferred. However, HCAA acknowledges that due to lack of staff or potentially a jurisdictional concern, transportation can’t always be provided. In that instance, HCAA requests that the identified hotel destination be provided to the person(s) in question so they can be given the choice to utilize a transportation plan if their own.

Identified Hotel Partners and Destinations
(Can and will vary based upon availability)

  • The Ramada Inn located at 1700 Van Bibber Road in Edgewood, Md. 21040 – 410-679-0770
  • The Days Inn located at 783 West Bel Air Avenue in Aberdeen, Md. 21001 – 410-272-8500
  • The Travelodge located at 820 West Bel Air Avenue in Aberdeen, Md. 21001 – 410-272-5500
  • Super 8 of HDG located at 929 Pulaski Hwy, Havre De Grace, Md. 21078 – 410-939-1880
  • Best Budget Inn HDG located at 929 Pulaski Hwy, Havre De Grace, Md. 21078 – 410-939-4567

The HCAA Freezing Weather Plan After-Hours contact number will be kept confidential and only accessible to identified law enforcement agencies and departments. All calls to this number should take place during the Freezing Weather Plan and after 5pm Monday through Friday and on weekends.

HCAA expressed true gratitude toward the participating law enforcement agencies and departments while also including the same sentiments from the Harford County COC members. If you have any additional comments, questions or concerns please reach out at 410-612-9909 Ext. 2202, 443-761-5042 or bwainwright@harfordcaa.org.


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