5 Cheap, Versatile Foods to Stock Up On Now (and What to Make With Them)

Interior of wooden pantry with products for cooking. Adult woman taking kitchenware and food from the shelves.

Wait, what? If you’re like us, you’ve probably said those words at the grocery checkout recently. Staples like eggs and milk continue to get more expensive (egg prices were up 92% between March and April, according to a Food Institute analysis of USDA data). Peanut butter is getting recalled and things like sugar, beef and […]

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Maryland Food Bank Pilots Programs Targeting Job Insecurity, Food Access

Food Bank, Bags of Fresh Produce.

The Maryland Food Bank has launched pilot programs targeting unemployment and underemployment, two of the leading causes of food insecurity, and increasing access to healthy, shelf-stable items, the organization said Tuesday. Using a grant from the group Feeding America, the Workforce Development Partnerships program connects Baltimore-area residents with social services and job training in industries […]

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Woman Says 25 Percent Rent Hike Will Leave Her Homeless, Sparking Outrage

For Rent Sign Posted in Front of Front Porch.

A Maryland woman said in a viral video that her landlord asked her to choose between rent hikes of 25 percent and 38 percent, sparking online outrage. Rents have been shooting up across the United States. In March, the median monthly asking rent was 17 percent higher than a year before, according to real estate […]

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Does Wegmans Accept SNAP Payments for Groceries Using EBT Food Stamps?

Wegmans Grocery Store. Wegmans is a regional supermarket chain headquartered in Rochester, NY.

Wegmans customers receiving SNAP can use their monthly benefits to purchase eligible grocery items in stores and online. The company announced in March that the supermarket joined the SNAP Online Purchasing Pilot, which allows households in participating states to use their EBT cards to purchase groceries online from authorized retailers, as previously reported by GOBankingRates. […]

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Children in Anne Arundel Co. to receive extra SNAP benefits this summer

Close up face shot of cute African girl in front of healthy vegetable dish.

Anne Arundel County, Maryland, will provide almost 18,000 eligible children with extra food support over the summer. All eligible school-aged children will have Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits for June, July, August and December. “Providing this benefit gives critical support to families at a time when inflation is hitting family grocery budgets hard,” County Executive […]

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Swapping Fresh For Frozen: Consumers Struggle To Afford Groceries Due To Inflation

Hands holding big plate with different fresh farm vegetables. Autumn harvest and healthy organic food concept

As the U.S. economy continues to grapple with the highest inflation level seen since 1982, consumers are feeling its effects where it hurts the most: The grocery store. For 28-year-old Paul Weiner, those price increases have turned what used to be an enjoyable outing to buy groceries into a chore that now involves stress and […]

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