CCM’s Specialty Court Case Manager Helps Customers Succeed

CCM’s Specialty Court Case Manager Helps Customers Succeed

By Brit Ayers, Director of Community Case Management

As the Director of Community Case Management, I would like to take a few minutes to highlight the Specialty Court Case Manager, Alicia Hamilton. Alicia has been case managing clients in the Mental Health Diversion program for two years. In the last two years, Alicia has assisted 12 participants with the completion of the specialty court program.

This has been no easy feat. Clients come to Alicia not only with mental health matters, but also facing obstacles in their everyday life. Obstacles such as custody battles, a lack of job, or even social isolation. Alicia sees these obstacles as challenges and takes the time with each individual client to help them overcome whatever roadblock may be in their way. In order for the participant to graduate from the Court they must set goals and attain them while staying out of trouble with the law. Alicia facilitates this against the greatest of odds. Here success rate is incredibly significant! HCAA has taken on a second Specialty Court, the Opiate Recovery Court, which has added about 10 more participants (with the potential to grow to 40) to Alicia’s caseload.

In just six short months Alicia has made connections in the community to better assist this new population while forging relationships with her clients that I am confident will lead to more success stories in the future.