Maryland Food Bank report: one-third of Marylanders are facing food insecurity

Cardboard boxes being filled with food donations. Helpful team of social workers. Young people volunteering to sort donations for charity food drive. Unrecognizable people volunteering in food bank

The Maryland Food Bank released a special report on July 14 regarding food insecurity in Maryland, and how residents experience food hardships. The goal of this report is to look at data from a variety of resources to see how factors such as housing and wages have an impact on the security of food to individuals.

“We haven’t done this kind of thing before. We were really pushed into this space coming out of the pandemic because when you look around and you look for actionable data and analysis around food insecurity that’s current, there isn’t any, which is why we authored this report,” said MFB’s Chief Strategy Officer, Meg Kimmel, in an interview with the AFRO. “We really want to be able to understand who’s facing food insecurity, not only in terms of numbers, but in terms of demographics, racial, ethnicity, age, gender, adults, children, and also where are they so that we can do a better job of directing our resources to those communities.”