It’s been 30 days since you’ve received food from the HCAA Food Pantry. Please submit this form to request additional items.

The Community Action Food Pantry and Food Bank is an emergency and / or supplemental food source that is available once every 30 days to eligible clients in need of nourishment.

Families receive enough wholesome fresh / canned fruits, vegetable, meats, milk products, and/or breads and pastries for 3-4 days, based on household size.  The current income eligibility is 200% of poverty guidelines.

Inclement Weather Policy
Harford Community Action Agency follows Harford County Government’s inclement weather policy. If Harford County is closed, so is HCAA. If Harford County operates on a delayed opening schedule, we will do the same. Please follow up-to-date bulletins on television and radio for information. HCAA will not post a separate closing announcement.