She Started a Nonprofit Helping Single Mothers at 8. Now, She’s an ‘Emerging Visionary’

Donation Concept. Woman holding a Donate Box with full of Clothes. Woman holding a book and clothes donate box. Clothes in box for concept donation and reuse recycle

Sahana Mantha was just 8 years old and already leading a nonprofit for young, single, homeless moms when she and her sister went to a local bakery to ask what it did with any leftover bread. Sahana wanted the extras for girls seeking help from her and sister Shreya’s foundation. From that point forward, the pair received two shopping carts full of bread and baked goods every Sunday. “How could an 8-year-old child have such initiative and such a deep sense of social responsibility?” said Janet Ganoung, who owned the Great Harvest Bread Companies in Charlotte for 14 years. “At the time, I believed the request was a sort of one-off, that Sahana would feel the reward of doing a temporary good deed and then go on her way, just being a regular kid.

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