Hunger Action Month takes on larger meaning during Pandemic

Hunger Action Month takes on larger meaning during Pandemic

The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma are committed to doing everything they can to make sure nobody in the state goes hungry.

In the middle of a pandemic that has seen demand for their services pushed to all-time highs, September being ‘Hunger Action Month,’ takes on an extra level of significance.

“We join Feeding America every year for this and it helps us elevate the conversation about hunger issues in our state,” said Cathy Nestlen, Director of Communications for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

Hunger Action Month calls attention to and creates opportunities to discuss, educate, engage, and act on hunger issues in our state and across the country.


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Thank you, food pantry staff and volunteers!

Food bank staff and volunteers are on the front lines helping millions of families during the COVID-19 pandemic. They’re working around the clock to keep food banks, pantries and meal programs running because they know that food on the table means so much more than just a meal — it is hope.

At HCAA we’re blessed to have a great staff and great volunteers to help with our mission.  In fact, in Harford County, we have a number of Food Pantry Partners helping in the fight against food insecurity — and a number of wonderful people stepping up to help others!

Thank you to all those feeding our neighbors, for your dedication, courage and sacrifice!

Hunger Action Month – Virtual Food Drive

Join HCAA this September for Hunger Action Month — a month where people all over the United States stand together with the Feeding America network to fight hunger. It’s a month to spread the word and take action on the hunger crisis — and dedicate ourselves to a solution!

Please help us fight food insecurity in Harford County, by donating whatever you’re comfortable with to our Virtual Food Drive!