Here’s How Homelessness In Maryland Compares To The Rest Of The Country

Old homeless man with grey beard covering up in green decrepit wear holding a mug of hot tea to warm himself in a cold night

Homelessness is on the rise in the United States. According to a study published by the National Alliance to End Homelessness, the number of Americans experiencing homelessness has grown each year since 2015. As of January 2020, there were an estimated 580,466 Americans experiencing homelessness Though the exact effects the COVID-19 pandemic had on America’s […]

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Homelessness linked to poor mental health among LGBTQ youth, report finds

Young Homeless Boy with hands pressed against his face, stressed.

More than 1 in 4 LGBTQ youth have experienced homelessness or housing instability at some point in their lives, a new report from The Trevor Project shows, including nearly half of Native/Indigenous LGBTQ youth and nearly 40 percent of transgender and nonbinary youth. Thirty-five percent of LGBTQ youth who are homeless and 28 percent who […]

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Homelessness and Aging

Woman Trying to Help Homeless Man sitting on city street.

Indeed, aging is considered to be related or correlated with home; home is a multidimensional term that has a symbolic meaning. It can be described abstractly as the ‘extension of the self through place’. This view of a home may be true for older people with meaningful life experiences in their homes.such, older people tend […]

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The US homeless crisis: Root causes, what works & what needs to change

Homeless man draped in an American flag, asleep on the street with sign, "Homeless and Hungry"

In January 2020, 580,466 people were homelessness in the US, according to official numbers. Seventy percent were individuals and the rest were families with children. Nationwide, many municipalities have adopted the “housing first” model, which prioritizes permanent housing. How did we get here, what strategies work, how can those successes be replicated, and what needs […]

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What We Owe People Experiencing Homelessness in the US

Homeless man sitting on city sidewalk with head in his lap.

Nearly two years into the Covid-19 pandemic, a wealth of scientific information has been amassed. We understand the range of symptoms, how the virus spreads, how to mitigate risk of infection, and what is necessary to build and maintain proper isolation and quarantine spaces. Much of this foundational data from which Americans and the world […]

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Food Insecurity In Maryland Declined With Added Government Benefits, But Improvement Short-Lived

Donation box food delivery During Coronavirus. COVID-19 Relief Funds and Donations. Charity donations

As jobs disappeared and large chunks of the economy shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, long lines formed outside food banks and experts warned of spikes in hunger. After the expansion of government aid that followed, fewer Marylanders relied on food pantries and assistance programs for meals — but only temporarily, a recent report found. […]

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