Peer Recovery

Harford Community Action Agency helps intake clients for peer recovery assistance.  We help connect individuals and families to resources and provide gap funding for services when needed.


HCAA will provide peer coaching and community resource referrals to clients at HCAA as well as in the community.

Goals for the program include: 1) intake clients at HCAA for peer recovery assistance 2) connect individuals and families to resources and provide gap funding for services when needed.

These goals support the County’s Strategic Goals to “strengthen families” and will contribute to the County’s efforts to prevent homelessness, and connect at-risk individuals and families with the support they need to live a healthy and stable life. In addition, these goals support the County’s efforts to combat opioid and other drug and dependency issues by linking vulnerable individuals to a recovery coach who knows the intricacies of addiction and can provide insight and guidance through the process of recovery.

Funds will be used to pay a Peer Recovery coach already in place at HCAA.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities Include, but Are Not Limited to:

  • Conducting intake of individuals and families for recovery coaching; spend one-on-one time with individuals to find out what it takes to continue their sobriety;
  • Connecting families with appropriate community resources;
  • Ensuring that all documents submitted on behalf of a client are valid;
  • Developing relationships with referral sources and other community resources that benefit client families;
  • Acting as a liaison with various agencies (like DSS, hospitals, police and housing programs) on behalf of client families;
  • Working with the HCAA team and other key stakeholders to develop and maintain administrative documents and policies and procedures for the program;
  • Work simultaneously with the District Adult Recovery Court clients as well as Mental Health Diversion Program (MHDP) clients;
  • Providing reports on program performance measurements and other relevant data.


  1. Provide Peer Recovery Coaching to appropriate clientele at HCAA, preparing individuals with skills to ensure peaceful, productive solutions and hopeful futures.
  2. Provide basic resource advocacy.
  3. Connect individuals and families to resources, including transportation, housing and utility assistance, mental health, mentoring, and employment resources.
  4. Provide gap funding for services when needed.
  5. To counsel female inmates at the Harford County Detention Center with Peer Recovery Coaching utilizing the services of the current Peer Recovery Coach at HCAA.

Funding for this program comes from Harford County Department of Community Services

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