Opiate Recovery Court

The Opiate Recovery Court Program is a program in the District Court of Harford County that offers eligible defendants an opportunity to change their lives and improve their futures. Participants are given the additional support of a Recovery Team which consists of the following: a Judge, Public Defender Representative, a State’s Attorney Representative, Case Manager, Coordinator, Substance Use Treatment Provider, a Harford County Detention Center Representative, and an Agent from Parole and Probation. This combined group works together to provide support and assistance for participants struggling with addiction while facing charges in the Harford County District Court.

Am I Eligible for the Opiate Recovery Court Program?

In order to be eligible for the Opiate Recovery Court Program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a Harford County resident
  • Must have charges in the Harford County District Court
  • Must have an active addiction
  • Entry into the program will be determined by the State’s Attorney’s office

Our Partners

  • Harford County Health Department
  • Harford County Detention Center
  • Harford County District Court
  • Ashley Addiction Treatment
  • Bergand Group
  • Office of the Public Defender
  • State’s Attorney’s Office