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Food Pantry / Food Bank

HCAA Food Bank is a redistribution organization for the Maryland Food Bank. We distribute food in bulk to local community and faith-based organizations—church food pantries, soup kitchens, homeles shelters, residential recovery programs, after school programs—throughout Harford County.

Food Pantry

Emergency and/or supplemental food is available once every 30 days to clients who are in need of nourishment.  Families receive enough wholesome fresh/canned fruits, vegetables, meats, milk products, and/or breads and pastries for 2 - 3 days, based on household size.  Current income eligibility is 200% of federal poverty guidelines.  

family food assisantance in Harford CountyCurrent income guidelines (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016) are:

Household Size Monthly Income
1 $1,962.00
2 $2,655.00
3 $3,348.00
4 $4,042.00
5 $4,735.00
6 $5,428.00
7 $6,122.00
8 $6,815.00

For each additional person, add $693.00

Documents required for all HCAA programs:

  1. valid photo identification
  2. Social Security cards for all members of the household
  3. verification of income for all adult household members for the past 30 days
  4. proof of residence current lease, if renter; current mortgage or tax bill, if owner)
  5. current utility bills (within the past 30 days)

Contact:  Cliff Giles -