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Pamela J. Craig
Executive Director

Kimberly Neely
Director of Programs, Food Bank Manager

Natalie Shaw
Director of Compliance

Brittani Ayers
Director of Case Management 

Gail Huna
Director of Finance

Lisa Zimmerman
Director of Energy Programs

Brian Wainwright
Director of Supportive Services

Courtney Tramontana
Food Advocacy Coordinator

Jose Rosado
Resource Advocacy Coordinator

SamanthaCruzSamantha Cruz
Parenting Inside Out Case Manager

Mary Slade
Triage Employment Caseworker

Shirley Tittle

Darwin Smith
Food Pantry Truck Driver

Cathy Lucich
Maryland Energy Assistance Program Manager

Cathy Ellis
Senior Intake Specialist

Charleen Ritter
Senior Intake Specialist

Lindsay Lewis
Rapid Re-housing Case Manager

Darlene Harris
Administrative Receptionist


Roy Harris
Food Pantry Coordinator

Jessica Jackson
Intake Specialist

Joyce Smith
Intake Specialist

Paul Doyle
Food Pantry Assistant

Alma Warfield
Food Pantry Administrative Assistant 

Deidre Davis
Direct Services Specialist

Veranell Pounds
Front Desk Coordinator

Candi Coates
Supportive Services Coordinator

Alicia Hamilton
Mental Health Diversion Coordinator

Marcella Paige
Scanning Specialist